Since 10 years, Flury&Giuliani provides consulting services and applied research for a variety of public and private customers in the context of agricultural and regional economics.

Regional Development Projects. We support and develop managing plans for regional projects based on the Federal Act on Agriculture (Projekte Regionale Entwicklung). >>

Agricultural Planning. We develop the basics for agricultural planning projects such as meliorations or collective investments based on the Federal Act on Agriculture (Landwirtschaftliche Planung). >>

Policy Evaluation. We evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural or regional policies based on ex ante and ex-post analysis appraoches.>>

International Development Projects. We apply our know-how in regional development also in an international context by supporting and implementing development projects in third world coutries.>>

Impact Analysis: We provide simulation based assessments of future developments, analyse the effect of regional policies and study the added value of regions and industrial sectors.>>

Development Strategies. We provide concepts and development strategies for regions and organisations.>>

Applied Research. We are engaged in research projects and publish in international scientific journals.>>

Case Management and Moderation. We plan and conduct workshops and accompany participative processes in private-public partnerships.>>

Teaching and Knowledge Transfer. We provide courses and presentations at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. In addition, we present our work at congresses, seminars and workshops.>>