Two projects as winners of the European competition for rural innovation

Two projects in which the Flury&Giuliani GmbH is involved as project manager and coordinator were selected as a winner of the 2019 competition for rural innovation in the framework of the European LIASION project. Out of more than 200 entries from all over Europe, 13 innovative projects from agriculture and forestry were selected and awarded the title of “Ambassador for Rural Innovation”.

In the project “AgroCO2ncept” 24 farms in the valley Flaachtal in the canton of Zurich are trying to demonstrate the feasibility of practical climate protection in daily agricultural practice and in the region. The aim of the project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the farms, to store CO2 in soils and to make an overall contribution to climate protection in Switzerland by upscaling the experiences gained in the project. The farmers are supported by the federal and cantonal government, two consulting Offices (F&G, Sofies-emac), the cantonal agricultural consulting (Strickhof), three research groups (ETHZ, Agroscope) and the ZHAW.

In the project of the Regional Development “100% Valposchiavo” producers, the processing industry and distributors have joined forces to further develop the value chain for local products and an integrated marketing concept. The project “100% Valposchiavo” very consistently pursues the vision of a 100% share of local products and, in the near future, a 100% share of organically produced products. One goal of the project is to comply the entire agricultural value chain in the valley with biological guidelines.

The “radical” nature of the concept in Valposchiavo can be achieved through the very high share of organic producers (more than 90% of the area is managed by organic farms) and through the locally existing, diverse value chains of the agricultural and food industry. The Valposchiavo thus obtains a hardly replicable USP (unique selling proposition), consisting of a local food culturer influenced from the North and South, 100% organic products, and a diverse landscape strechting along 25 km and between 500 and 3’900 m above sea level.